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Our Partners at Acorn Stairlifts help us in offering you a wide range of options for getting up and down your stairs with ease and comfort. Why sell the house you love when it can be adapted to your needs for a fraction of the price? Book your free survey and no obligation quote today. 


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Straight Stairlift


  • A straight stairlift is the ultimate staircase solution, giving you the full use of the home you love. Blending seamlessly into your home, with a smooth start and stop mechanism, you can glide effortlessly up and down the stairs.

  • Continually developed, improved and refined over many years, the Acorn 130 is the direct descendant of our very first straight stairlift, the Acorn Superglide.

Curved Stairlift


  • Designed from the ground-up for any curved staircase, this curved stairlift offers a comfortable and reliable ride. The advanced self-levelling carriage moves along the modular rail system, coming to a soft stop with ease.

  • With its low running costs, it even operates through a power cut. The sleek, smooth and modern rail system is unique to this stairlift. There is no waiting weeks to have an expensive rail made for your home. 

Outdoor Stairlift


  • Do you have a steep drive that is difficult to walk up? Acorn Stairlifts do not need to be limited to your indoor stairs; our outdoor stairlifts are the perfect mobility aid to give you access to those outdoor spaces you love or have limited access to.

  • Our 130 outdoor stairlift comes with all the features that can be found on our straight stairlift. For extra protection, it comes with a weather resistant outdoor cover.

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