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Returns Policy

In store returns


All products are sold “as is”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued unless the item you have purchased is defective in which case we reserve our option to repair your purchase or replace if a repair is not possible. If a product is taken outside the UK then our warranty ceases to be applicable.


If we order an item for you that we do not have in stock, this is deemed to be a “bespoke” purchase and no refund will be allowed.

online returns 


Returns & Refunds

  1. No refunds or returns will be accepted on goods that have been modified in any way for customer personal preference or personalisation. These items are bespoke items and can not be returned. 

  2. Customers have the 14 day period in which they can change their mind and return an item (excluding bespoke products.) Customers will be charged the delivery cost of product transportation back to store premisses if applicable. Returns requested after the 14 day period in which product was delivered will be rejected.

  3. Upon a return being agreed the customer has 14 days from when they requested the return to complete delivery of product to us. Failure to do so may result in return being rejected.

  4. We may charge £100 handling fee for any returned products to cover lost income and manufacturer costs.

  5. All successful returns must be refunded to the same payment card/account it was originally purchased from.

  6. We may ask to see original receipt or invoice for product before agreeing to return/refund.

  7. We will offer exchanges to customers who meet the return requirements as an alternative to a refund if another suitable product can be found. Customers may be offered an exchange in the event they wish to return product but fall outside of the return policy stipulations. 

  8. Customers who make any modifications of their own or have modifications completed on their behalf to the original product after it has been purchased may have their refund/return rejected. 

  9. Customers will only receive a product refund if all return terms are met to a satisfactory standard.

       (i) Customers have clarified clearly in writing (letter/email) that they wish to cancel or return item.

       (ii) Customers must declare their wish of a return or cancellation within the 14 day period in which they have received the product. Failing to do so may result in a refund or return being rejected. 

       (iii) Customers must not have used the product and agree to return the product in its manufacturer packaging if possible. If this is not possible the customer must ensure that the product is securely packaged approriately for delivery. Any damage upon return to us will be deducted from refund amount and may lead to a refusal of refund if damage is significant and there is evidence of customer negligence.

       (iiii) All items and instructions such as spares, baskets, additional extras, keys etc must be present and be in good condition upon return. If items are missing or damaged this may effect refund status/amount. ​​​​


Purchasing Products 

  1. All prices are listed exclusive of VAT and customers wishing to purchase any item/s will be requested to declare VAT relief status.

  2. Customers will choose a product they are interested in purchasing. Customers are required to select options regarding the product they are interested in such as colour selection and model variants etc. These must be completed to establish exactly what product is to be ordered. 

  3. Within these options is VAT relief, customers must declare to us their VAT relief status. Included in this customers must also declare their disability which would qualify them for VAT relief. There is a list of qualifying disabilities customers will choose from. This step must be completed to confirm purchase. If customers fail to clarify VAT relief status or do not qualify for VAT relief this will result in VAT being added to the listed price of the item concerned. 

  4. Customers will be required to choose a delivery option upon choosing a product to purchase. Any distances up to 30 miles away from the store will qualify for free delivery. Free delivery will be organised and carried out by store staff specifically. Any arrangements to deliver will have to be agreed upon by us and can be rearranged in the event there is high demand or a clash in delivery slots. A rough time will be given for delivery completion and will be adhered to as best as possible.

  5. For customers who live more than 30 miles away from store location, delivery will be a minimum of £50. This will be organised with a third party courier/delivery company. We will organise this trying our best to select a date which is acceptable with the customer. 

  6. By purchasing a product customers fully agree with our terms and conditions.

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