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TGA Supersport

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Take on all terrains.

With a proven track record of over 30 years, the Supersport remains a loved classic with unique style. Simple and robust design ensures stability and manoeuvrability like no other, allowing the Supersport to be incredibly versatile, both on and off road.

A smooth finger tip speed control enables you to slowly cruise or quickly accelerate to the top speed of 8mph. Release the control and the Supersport automatically slows to a gentle stop and applies the parking brake, safely and securely.

Impressive turning circle and large diameter wheels allow you to negotiate almost any obstacle. The handlebars can be independently adjusted for height and angle, with controls that can be fitted for left or right hand operation to suit you. Comfortable, adjustable seat and a generous rear basket enables a simple shopping trip or all day adventures.

Colours Available: Black

All new products come with a full manufacturer warranty.

  • Length: 162cm (64")
  • Width: 74cm (29")
  • Height: (seat and tiller folded) 90cm (36")
  • Height: (seat removed) 73cm (29")
  • Total Weight:119kg(262lbs)
  • Front Wheel:38cm (15")
  • Rear Wheels: 51cm (20")
  • Turning Radius: 91cm (36")
  • Standard battery: 2 x 12v 45a/h
  • Heavy duty battery: 2 x 12v 75a/h
  • Motor: 24v 1300watt
  • Standard Charger: 24v 4A
  • Charger for Heavy duty batteries: 24v 8A
  • Maximum Speed: 8mph (12kph)
  • Maximum Carry Capacity: 200kg (31st)
  • Maximum Gradient: 21%
  • Ground Clearance: 5”(12cm)

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