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TGA Snug Canopy

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Snug Canopy

The Snug Canopy, designed to keep out the elements whilst giving you the freedom to venture further without the worry of the wind or rain.

Simple, versatile and incredibly easy to install, converting almost any scooter into transport for all seasons. The retractable hood provides protection from the sun, rain, wind or cold, giving you the ability to adapt and keep moving in all seasons.Keep warm and dry wherever you travel without losing the feeling of freedom your scooter brings, allowing you to feel good about yourself when you’re on the move.

  • Simple and fast installation – The Snug Canopy can be installed in seconds meaning you can add protection and versatility whenever you need it. Being able to remove it again simply and easily means you lose none of the feeling of freedom and flexibility your scooter brings.
  • Lightweight – Strong, durable and lightweight materials mean the Snug weighs just 19lbs (8.7kg) and can be added or removed by just one person.
  • Compact design – Add on canopies for scooters are generally permanent fixtures, adding bulk, reducing visibility and completely enclosing the scooter user once fitted. The Snug provides protection without really increasing the dimension of your scooter. At just 29 inches (74cm) wide, you can still fit through tight gaps and openings and the retractable hood means no loss of visibility or ventilation.
  • Universal fitting – Designed to fit almost any medium to large scooter.
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