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Please be aware this is the base model of the product. There are many different features and items that can be added to the base product like raising/lowering, tilting features and a whole host of optional customisations including extra controls, seat cushions etc. Upon ordering we will contact you to go through these options to make sure we get the perfect product for you.

The Edge® 3 Stretto features a narrow width for outstanding maneuverability and SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), making it the perfect indoor and outdoor chair. The Stretto is available with 12.5” or 14” drive wheels and optional 12” of iLevel® power adjustable seat height.

SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) - SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) is a superior automotive-grade power chair suspension developed after two years of research and consumer feedback. SRS provides a smooth comfortable ride and advanced stability.

LED Front and Rear Fender Lights - LED fender lights come standard and offer great benefits and features for increased visibility. With lighting mounted to the fender, above the drive tire on each side of the power wheelchair, fender lights help ensure that you can see and be seen.

Flat Free & Pneumatic Drive Tyres Available - Choose from a choice of pneumatic or flat free drive tyres. Outdoor performance on the Edge Stretto remains strong, with Smooth Ride Suspension cushioning your ride, and powerful motors capable of up to 6 mph. A few small changes have been made to the Edge 3 base to cut down the width, with the castor wheels being 6 inches rather than 8, and both tyres and suspension springs being a little smaller. However, our test drives have shown the ride to be virtually the same as the Edge 3, and it retains the same high-capacity 62 Ah batteries for a long range.

Seating - The same TRU-balance 3 seating system as seen on the regular Edge 3 is on the Stretto. The headline feature is the iLevel seat raiser, which allows you to drive at a walking pace of 3.5 mph with the seat fully elevated by 12 inches. As the name suggests, this allows you to drive at eye level - in contrast to most other powerchairs with powered lift, which are limited to crawling along at slow speeds. Being at eye level enhances social interactions, even when on the go.

A full range of powered seating options are available, including 175° of shear-reduced recline - allowing you to lie flat when combined with powered elevating leg rests - few powered wheelchairs offer this level of recline. 50º of powered seat tilt is also available to aid in pressure relief.

The seating system is entirely configurable, allowing your Edge 3 Stretto's seat to be set up to provide a precise fit to your size, comfort and clinical needs. Seat widths and depths of 12 - 20 inches are available, also allowing the Edge to cater to the smaller dimensions of paediatric users. We would note that the larger seat sizes can overhang the base, losing most of the benefit of the narrower base, so the Stretto variant is best suited to slimmer or average sized people. The highly modular nature allows the seating to be modified to accommodate your changing needs, and third-party components such as pressure cushions and postural supports can easily be fitted.

Controls - Control options range from the basic NE+ system that comes as standard to the advanced Q-Logic 3 expandable control system - which is our recommendation if you want to get the most out of your Stretto. Q-Logic includes the option for a high-definition LCD screen on your joystick, as well as Bluetooth to interact with and control your environment. Further options include switch boxes for one-touch access to seating functions, as well as attendant controls and special controls for those that cannot use a regular joystick. A USB charger is built-in to keep your smartphone or other personal electronics topped up.

Our Verdict - The Edge 3 Stretto is a really impressive powerchair, packed full of features in an incredibly narrow base. The chief reason to get it is obviously its slender size, which makes it great if you have really restricted spaces to get around that other powerchairs cannot manage. If your usage is outdoor only, then the normal Edge 3 will provide slightly better handling and stability with its larger wheels.

Available in Red, Blue, Lemon, Pink, Orange and Purple

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