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Karma Blazer Captain Powerchair

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The Blazer is an indoor/outdoor use, rear wheel drive power base. The exceptionally narrow wheelbase allows for agile maneuverability. The Blazer Captain Seat is anatomically contoured and offers great comfort with its manual recline function. The chair is ideal for individuals looking for basic trunk control and a comfortable ride.

The 2-wheel suspension offers extra comfort and a smooth ride. With a powerful 300W motors, the Blazer overcomes the roughest terrains.

Excellent Indoor Manoeuvrability - The Blazer’s total width is only 60 cm, making it one of the most compact power chairs on the market. It is smooth and easy to navigate the chair through doorways, into lifts, or move around in confined spaces.

Manual Recline - The Blazer Captain Seat offers the ability to manually recline the backrest from 0°-65° or 0°-45°. This allows the users to stretch their hip joint and relax the back muscle.

Flip-back Armrest - Makes it easy to get on and off the wheelchair or roll closer to a table or desk. The armrest height is adjustable from 18 cm to 28 cm.

Detachable Swing-away Footrest - Allows for easy transfer, on and off the wheelchair and detaches with no tools required. The footplate height is adjustable from 39 cm to 51 cm.

LED Lighting System - It is important for the wheelchair user to see as well as be seen at night. To improve safety, the Blazer is equipped with headlights and taillights for better night-time visibility.

Crash Test Approved - Blazer is approved for transportation in accordance with ISO 7176-19. This means it is suitable to be used as a seat in a motor vehicle for transportation.

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