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Why choose a Freerider E-Bike? in a word - heritage. Freerider have been manufacturing, selling and supporting personal electric vehicles for over 25 years now, all over the world!

E-Bikes are a traditional pedal bike but with a little electronic helping hand. A discreet motor in the crank and a battery in the frame assist you effortlessly as you pedal, making the going much easier while still maintaining the beneficial exercise. All you have to do is begin to pedal and the motor will sense the power required to help you and apply it, making hills a breeze and maximising time in the saddle.

All the E-Bikes we stock have a crank motor fitted. Other types of motors are available and they maybe simple to fit and cheaper but it is recognised that the crank motors offer better performance, maintaining efficient power delivery over a range of speeds and a more stable bike. Crank motors are usually more powerful than hub motors, so tend to carry you up hills easier. The crank motors on the bikes we stock deliver a hefty 80Nm of torque.

When it comes to battery integration many E-Bikes have a surface mounted battery, either on the frame or the luggage rack. It was essential to the designers to the designers that the battery didn't spoil the look of the frame so it was decided that the battery should be built seamlessly into the frame. The E-Bikes use a Samsung 17.5Ah Lithium Ion battery capable of up to 150km continuous use

Comprehensive Warranty - 5 Year on Frame, 2 Year on Electronics (controller, motor etc) and 1 Year on Consumables (handlebar grips, seat etc)

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